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Something to smile about!

Even the BBC makes mistakes…

However nice I’m feeling right now about India’s come-from-behind test win against England today, I’m still not delirious enough to promote the beyond-compare legend Sachin Tendulkar to captain, but it looks like the BBC is, in this article(check out the caption under the image)

Maybe, just because history is on my side as far as this theory is concerned… they have a leaked email or something that justifies Sachin being referred to as “skipper”, you never know!

Kevin Pieterson, my sympathies…  no fault of your’s, ’cause nobody knows when Sehwag comes to the party, not even himself, and moreover, who counts on Sachin actually completing a century nowadays…

Actual skipper MSD, assuming the BBC was wrong(!), remains unbeaten, and now against the top test-playing teams at the moment… Australia, South Africa, England… not bad!