An apology…

Woman, on behalf of the human race, sorry…

Sorry about the fact that, even today, hundreds of you are born into a world that thinks it doesn’t want you.

Sorry about the fact that despite the previous fact, you still go happily through immense pain to bring us into the same world, ungrudgingly.

Sorry about a world that asks, no… demands that you be a good daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, …nanny, maid, professional, punching bag, occasionally all at the same time, and doesn’t take the time to thank you.

Sorry about a country that reserves seats based on what tribe you belong to, but does not think twice before pushing aside women to take their place in a queue.

Sorry about the men who grope you just because you’re standing next to them in a crowded bus, and then go home and agree with other men who say women get raped because of what they wear.

Sorry about the companies that pass you over for your promotion because you will not be able to work long hours, and have a husband and kids to take care of.

Sorry about the colleagues that say that the only reason you did get a promotion, was because of reasons other than work.

Sorry about our country, that spends hundreds of millions several times a year on festivals worshipping goddesses, but cannot guarantee that you will reach home without being raped and/or killed.

Sorry about a society that stands on your shoulders and still calls you the “weaker sex”.

Sorry for not being man enough to stand up for you, enough times to make your life less of a struggle and more of the celebration it should be.

Woman, you’re the strongest thing that God ever made… and I’m proud that I have the privilege of having your company. I don’t know what I would do without the woman and a half that is my universe!

Happy women’s day!